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     Naomi grew up as an only child that got anything she wanted. And having the perfect life was still less than perfect to her. Being pretty, witty and smart, she thinks she has it all figured out. When given the option of being smart or playing the odds, she would always choose to use her smarts to beat the odds. Unbeknownst to anyone close to her, she has woven a web of deceit so intricate, that even with all her resources, she finds that this life she created is exhausting. Even the best laid plans come with unforeseen consequences that not even she would have calculated. And the outcome could prove to be fatal.

FILM TYPE: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Filming Late Fall 2023

Some Paid parts and positions, Non-union, Craft Service, IMDB Credit 

Filming Disclosures: Movie will have some profanity. There is NO nudity or implied sex acts, however, there may be some light kissing and scenes where actors may share a bed(fully clothed); some scenes will involve real or perceived alcohol consumption, and there is no real or implied drug use or smoking.


Various other speaking and non speaking background roles still available.

 Main Crew

Production Assistant

Production Assistant

Script Supervisor

Set Decorator

Prop Master

Wardrobe Manager


Boom Operator