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The people behind the brands are as important as the products themselves. I painstakingly choose partners that I want to work for and with. They share my dedication to our dealer success in the long term.

It only takes one listen to understand.


HiFi Completely Re-invented.

Audio Alchemy

One of the most exciting things I've heard in a long time.

Audio Physic

The Life of Sound


Go Vinyl.

Elipson Turntables

Inspired by Passion-Driven by Excellence: Strict controls on distribution supporting a loyal dealer network, we work together to make our independents stand ahead of the competitive field.



Museum and lustworthy turntables and arms from Prague. Advancing the art.

European Audio Team

The Best Seats in the House

Front Row Seating

"Simply Magical" Phono Cartridges from a true legend.


Founder Rondi D'Agostino leads the world renowned team offering premium US built electronics for discerning owners. New products launch to worldwide rave reviews and awards while offering a feature set unheard of in traditional high end. Cutting edge 4K UHD HDMI with HDCP 2.2, second generation streaming, IP control and monitoring to name a few. Krell means Power and finesse from a US benchmark brand.


Supporting Analog is serious business. It starts at the source. Virtually all vinyl needs some attention. The well known Okki Nokki Record Cleaner is perfect for beginners and advanced collectors alike. Now, clean records are not just for the well healed few, but for the many.

Okki Nokki

Full circle as we launch Onkyo availability to the independent channel. "Onkyo" means: "Sound Harmony" and their products have been rated best of class since they were founded in 1946 and are passionate about sound and music.


Tube Amplified Nirvana


The World's Finest Home Cinema Loudspeakers

Procella Audio

Severtson Screens are barely known in the home cinema market. Chances are, everyone reading this has seen movies in theaters on a Severtson Screen though. AMC, Cinemark, Dolby, IMAX and countless other theaters expressly choose Severtson. So does Boeing, Nasa, Six Flags and dozens more who seek out Severtson for their expertise and screen solutions. Environmentally friendly and stable coatings mean Severtson Screens last longer than than other screen brands which change color and gain over time.

Severtson Screens

SIM2 is the line I've personally coveted for many years. It was a highly regarded engineering design team in Japan (from Pioneer Elite, then Marantz) who first clued me in to the seriousness of what SIM2 has accomplished. SIM2 is the only OEM dedicated to the art and science of video projection for the CI channel. SIM2 is a TI DLP partner at the cutting edge of every advance while designing their own light paths and optical technologies. Italian beauty, performance and style for those who want the best picture possible.


Tannoy, the oldest speaker company in the world with real world advantages we demonstrate in the field every day. We have many successful dealers replacing LCRs with Tannoy in residential systems which solve intelligibility problems in the home and others who swap out well known commercial speakers with Tannoy much to the delight of the system users.




High Performance Digital Acoustics since 2003 - High - End HiFi - Luxury Home-Theater - Pro Audio

Trinnov Audio

Engineered for Reality