Making a Difference
I had a lot to learn and plenty of great teachers

"Saving the world from bad sound."  We've heard that a million times.  So what does it mean and who cares?  There is a natural desire to want others to share in our experiences. Many laudable individuals have built a business around this drive.  They have devoted their lives to home audio because of their own passion for music and a need to share the deep heartfelt pleasure that they feel when listening.

That is a great starting point.  However, if you don't have the skills to communicate that passion, no one will be "saved."  Or, if you are able to show your passion, and not translate that into selling consumers, they will buy from a better salesperson, and end up with an inferior product/experience.

With some of the best technical and sales mentors in the industry, Steven Lester went from "enthusiast with a mission" to formidable force on the sales floor over the course of many years.

This is the balance we are driven to build and maintain.  Many otherwise skilled integrators without a solid core knowledge base find it difficult to understand this foundation.  They are great at prescribing solutions to the known needs of the consumer and delivering functional systems.  Many have businesses which stall, or fall into step with rises and falls in the overall market.  They need to be mentored in the far deeper practice needed to achieve excellence in playback and learn to make themselves distinctive and more relevant to their client base.  Likewise, passionate purveyors of excellence in both audio and video reproduction need to be mentored in the basic skills and more advanced selling nuances essential bringing consumers to the action point of making a purchase.

In the end, "who cares" is the consumer.  When their eyes and hearts are opened to the shear depth of feelings experienced when the hardware gets out of the way of their listening, something magic happens.  The best hardware allows for greater enrichment of their homes and  lives everyday.  "Payday" is when we see a new person discovering music as if for the first time.

Steven Lester Co.