This page will feature downloadable pdf "field guides" or short introductory primers for sales people seeking a different perspective.

These will challenge conventional wisdoms and invite further investigation and conversation.  Each comes from personal experience and practice repeated many times in the real world.  While not provocative by design, there are likely to be controversies.  I invite discussion and creative contribution.

These are not scripts to be "parroted" for guaranteed success, rather templates, and processes outside the standard faire.  They are likely to and often will directly contradict other approaches.

These are not created by, nor endorsed by Steven Lester Co. brand partners.  Each company has their own sales department with sales techniques and philosophies.  They are solely the creation of, and significant part of the value add of Steven Lester Co.  To be a skilled practitioner, it is best to study as many approaches as you can.


Pages will be added and refined on an ongoing basis.  Expect quite a few changes as this gets started.

Truly Architectural Audio

Close Encounters of a Steve Jobs Kind

"Jeff Foxwothy" Projector Sales Training Notes

Rolling Stones Mashed Potato Moment

How Many Speakers Do I Need?

Mis en Place for Retail Salespeople

System Set Up

The Subwoofer Challenge

Why Sell Two Piece Projection