Connecting People With Music
A Lifelong Process

Music was a fundamental in our house growing up.  Lots of live events, even family sing-alongs around the piano.  It was being given music scores to read along with while listening to classical music which had an unintended consequence.  There was so much more on the written page than could easily by heard on my Dad's KLH Model 11.  That planted the seed that ultimately lead me to look for higher resolution playback.  The more I was able to hear, the more I was able to connect with the performance and heart of what was playing.
It was exposure to many kinds of music, language and film created a desire to share new discoveries with just about anyone who would listen.  I learned quickly that others connect with content when it is played back on better equipment.  The better the gear, more synergistic the system and set up, the more readily people connect with music they had never given a chance before.  This is the real reason we need high end gear.

In high school, buying a stereo turned out to be a life changing experience.  The salesman showed me respect and took the time to make we really work on educating my ear even further.  It was that single person who made the difference.

I made sure to "be that person" to my very best abilities for decades on the sales floor.  Mentored by some of the best in the business, I now turn that knowledge into something I can impart to others.

Brand partners and the right dealer mix are my greatest challenge.  If you care about music and want to be a cut above the rest, I ask you to join me in a quest for excellence.

Steven Lester Co.