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Benchmark brands, traditional work ethic and a constant drive for excellence.
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Steven Lester Co.
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Steven Lester Co. will close at end of business December 29, 2017. This had been a highly personal website with resources intended for professional audio video sales and design personnel. If you are looking for product info, please follow this link to our vendor/partner page. Or, feel free to email or text for information. This site and email will go dark shortly.

Steven Lester Co. products and brands are benchmarks. Each vendor must meet a fundamental group of criteria. This is your assurance of getting a partner that you can work with and be successful with.

The process is simple: Product. Program.& People.

Product: The product must be unimpeachable in its' category. It must offer performance, pedigree and an advancement of the technology it represents.

Program: The dealer program and strategy must be in keeping with the specialty independent AV dealer network needs. They must also possess the DNA and corporate commitment to long term success.

People: They must be people you want to work with as partners for the long run.

Here to make you look good
Specialist brands for all of your customers

Our mission is to make our dealers look better by being better. We provide sales growth, thorough training and an arsenal of better products and tools to better serve their growing customer base. We offer substance, taking the high road on information, presentation and product selection.

Review our line up and see for yourself.   Steven Lester Co. brands are the cornerstones of their respective categories, or challengers for that position in a changing technological world.


Any good AV integrator can turn a system on, we build systems you want to.

There is a serious gulf between the "music appliance" realm of systems designed merely to function and those resulting from true understanding and care. Listening to music is vital to well being and touches us in ways the pursuit of things cannot. While better sound takes more work, money and space, dismissing it as "background" would be like designing a kitchen and saying: "it's just food." Better sound frees the listener from the artificial harshness and loss of essential heart that connects us to the intent of the music. Few pleasures in life are so universal.


Here to grow your business.

Simply substituting your brands with Steven Lester Co. brands will not assure success or growth. We challenge conventional wisdoms with proven results.  We drive business by inspiring sales people to act differently Finding and building on existing talents is a specialty.


Who are the customers for these products?

Anyone who cares about what they eat or drink and where it comes from. Anyone who appreciates the importance of quality ingredients and careful, even masterful execution of the simplest things. Anyone that wants to find more fulfillment in life and understands that quality in and of life matters.    Music enriches and actually improves our well being. Exposure to true excellence is the only way to know this and I actively seek dealers able to deliver this to the end user.



Music for Health Group

This new group of like minded audio veterans will be hosting music listening sessions at select dealers in the greater bay area soon.
Music for Health Group



What is 2 + 2 = 11?
This can only be answered after a demonstration.

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